Check out a trailer for Black Desert’s mobile version

On the go.
The idea of having a mobile version of Black Desert is no doubt appealing to you if you love the game but occasionally have to leave the house for something, like some sort of animal. But what will the game actually look like? Will it be a horrible mess or pretty close to the real thing? You can find out a preliminary answer by watching the trailer just below, which has a different view on the action but looks as if it has much of the same action.

Of course, it is a short trailer, so there are no deep looks at what’s been changed for the mobile variant on the game. But it definitely looks like something you can enjoy on the go as you want to. Check it out below, even if you’re at work; it’s short enough that your boss probably won’t catch you.

Source: Steparu

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Archeage, FFXI, BDO, Lineage and Anet keeps hiring mobile devs for an unannounced project. The PC to mobile projects just keep coming. I’m with Steinman on this though, even though its on PC, everything we know about Lost Ark shows that a fully fleshed out MMORPG can be sustainable in isometric form.

BDO mobile looks fun. Wonder if all those systems they use on PC can be converted over.

Mr Poolaty

Can’t wait
Soooo will this come first or ffxi mobile?


Wow, if I could play the PC version as an isometric ARPG I’d be SO HAPPY. It may scratch that itch since Lineage is delayed again and Lost Ark is somewhere in Korean MMO purgatory.

Melissa McDonald

That looks really good. I can’t think of any better choice for Game of the Year 2017. They have been so active pushing out content updates, so responsive to bugs and server issues, so generous in rewards to the user base. They haven’t “messed up” or had any big fiascos that turned everyone off the game. They’ve upped their populations by releasing a Steam version. Now a very, VERY nice looking mobile version.

The time is coming when that little device in your purse or pocket will be all you will need. Sooner than you think, too! You’ll just cast to a big screen when you want (we do that now), you’ll pair with peripherals when you want (we do that now), and it will have plenty of horsepower and storage (nearly there now). Look at how good graphics are getting, as seen in this example! There are octa-core processors, gigs of RAM, these devices are truly wondrous.


No offense but if you can’t think of any better choice for Game of the Year 2017, you need to play more games. Besides the fact that it didn’t come out this year and can’t actually win that award, it takes a back seat many non-MMO games.