Overwatch promises that console reporting is (still) on its way

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Remember how Blizzard said that a bad behavior reporting function was on its way to Overwatch’s console edition? While the studio promised this week that the feature was being internally tested, the community finds itself more desperate than ever to arm itself with the tool against griefers, gankers, and goons.

Eurogamer published a piece outlining how dire the situation has become on console for the Overwatch crowd due to the fact that players are powerless to report those exploiting, cheating, or engaging in toxic behavior. To make matters worse, Blizzard has been dragging its feet on delivering this necessary tool, having first promised that it was working on it back in January.

“It’s seven months later and there’s still no sign of a report button,” the author writes. “In July, Kaplan updated players on why there had been such a delay, revealing the system of a report button is ‘extremely challenging from a technical standpoint because it goes beyond a simple change to the Overwatch game client.’ This is potentially due to the console reports having to filter through Sony and Microsoft before they reach Blizzard themselves, unlike with PC where the server connects straight to Blizzard.”

As you continue to wait for a report function, read what we think about getting to the heart of the toxicity crisis in online games.

Source: Eurogamer
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Danny Smith

A little too late really. The people that figured out how to get out of world with torbjorn and spawn a turret nobody can hit that shoots through walls already did its damage to the rep of the PS4 version at least and it seems people either dont know its happening or have had the bad luck to see it so often they avoid the game now like the plague.

And avoiding a console game due to cheaters? That aint common and that alone should have garnered a faster response. The console userbase has been plummeting over the last few months and this really doesnt help it any.

-of course you gotta bare in mind they are saying its too hard to implement but Bungie has had this in Destiny since day 1. If Destiny 2 has to use battle net and can’t do it then you know people will only complain even worse.