Revelation Online outlines the lore-hunting Scene Chronicle feature

There are places I remember.
Are you fascinated by the lore of the various locations in Revelation Online? In the event that you don’t care about that at all, are you a big fan of getting to pick up valuable items and fame just by filling in some check marks? The Scene Chronicle feature caters to both sorts of players, giving you a chance to look behind the scenes of the game’s area lore while also giving you plenty of fame and potential other rewards along the way.

The feature allows you to select from the various cities to pick out both the best spots of treasure hunting and the most interesting locales, while those not yet unlocked will require you to interact with NPCs (and the guide will helpfully point you in the right direction). Successfully filling in entries will award fame for the respective region as well as things like leaderboards and possible items. So go head on your quests, whether you want to learn more about the realm or just pick up some easy fame. We won’t judge either way.


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Nemui Byakko

Well, I’m playing it now (on RU server), and it is quite good. Main story gets more and more interesting as you go on, and there is a lot of different things to do. I like its guild halls – better to say, guild regions! – very much, they are enourmous (biggest ever), and your guild will build many things there for benefits and guild dungeons, sieges etc. Combat is also good, a bit like in GW2, but can be made in traditional tab-target mode too. Different interesting classes, that are fun to play. Nice housing with some interesting features, available for all after lvl 50. And unlimited flying on own wings after lvl 29 (later – with aerial combat)! Many other good features, too long even to mention them all. Chinese developers are working hard on it, constantly adding more interesting stuff, so perspectives are good too :)


Thanks for the feedback.
I’m going to re-DL it and give it another whirl. :-)


I want to hear from someone(anyone!) who actually plays this game.
I’m tempted to give it another shot, since it has some cool features, but my better judgement keeps getting in the way.
So, sound off RO community and sell it to me! lolz