Osiris: New Dawn explains its closed beta plan


Why would an early access game suddenly decide to hold a limited closed beta test? That’s the question of the week for Osiris: New Dawn, but the game’s director had a good explanation for the oddity.

In short, the team’s prior experience in making video games told them that it was imperative to have focused testing with strong feedback in order to shore up the title for launch. Thus, the closed beta test and the ensuing email feedback form.

It sounds as if the test was incredibly helpful to getting Osiris ready for release: “The cool thing is that we’re getting close. The beta feedback was largely positive and gave us insight into gameplay questions such as overall difficulty, progression, starting equipment, and all the new custom buildables. Since this experiment went so well we plan on conducting more focused test sessions.”

Source: Steam

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Is there any connection between this game and this movie?

Dug From The Earth

Or maybe its due to the amount of early access people who vehemently complained the last time the devs pushed out a patch that made big changes to the game that drastically changed how the game felt and played. Best to keep the audience small as to avoid being swamped with angry players.