Crowfall divulges details on the diminutive Fae


Don’t call them “tiny,” not unless you want your Achilles heel slashed and your hair set on fire while screaming laughter fills your ears. Crowfall’s Fae might be the second-smallest race to come to the game, but the species packs quite a lot into its small package.

Today, ArtCraft revealed details about this race that’s coming soon to the test servers. The Fae are the first race in the game that will boast wings, and their bloodline passive grants them increased stealth movement speed, the ability to double-jump, and the ability to glide. Additionally, Fae can dodge past foes and perform higher crits with a special debuff.

The Fae were originally female-only, but thanks to a Kickstarter stretch goal, they will offer a male counterpart as well. The team said that the race can be paired with the Assassin, Druid, or Frostweaver class: “The Fae will add an interesting new element to Crowfall combat thanks to their natural affinity for stealth and the added mobility of their wings.”

Source: Crowfall

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Jesse Schulkers

I know it probably wouldnt fit for the type of game Crowfall is but seeing this article I was expecting something akin to Istaria’s fairy people.


Increased stealth speed, double jump, gliding, and higher crits.

I think I know which race everyone is going to play.


“packs quite a lot into its small package”
You make it sound like she’s packing a giant cock or something. lol.

The Fae is bae.
Could do without the o so typical elf ears however. Anything, anything other then just more elf ears. Come on, be creative.