Notorious EVE Online player banned for threatening to cut off someone’s hands in real life

Yes, you’ve read that headline correctly. It’s been an insane day for EVE Online, as players awoke to the news that powerful military alliance Circle of Two had been betrayed by one of its top people. A player named The Judge stole over a trillion ISK worth of assets from the alliance and gave away all of its space stations to its enemies in one of the biggest political betrayals the game has ever seen. We’ll have a full report on the record-breaking theft and the current political situation in EVE later tonight, but this story has already taken an unusual turn.

Circle of Two’s leader, a notorious player named gigX, was so furious to learn of The Judge’s betrayal that he went into full meltdown mode in the alliance chat channel. Not content to keep his rivalry in-game, gigX asked his alliance to give him The Judge’s real name and home address. He followed up the request by writing “The Judge feel free to use your hands by typing here” before adding “while you can” to make a pretty serious threat.

CCP Games has a very clear policy surrounding making real life threats in-game and immediately issued gigX with a permanent game ban. Some players are asking for the ban to be overturned and citing worse cases in the past that didn’t lead to permabans, but it’s pretty hard to argue with a threat to cut off someone’s hands. Stay tuned for a breakdown of last nights’ massive theft and political betrayal that led to this bizarre turn of events.

Source: Reddit
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