Seed explains its AI-driven design and its 2018 test plans


The bad news for fans eagerly looking on with Seed’s development is that the game isn’t going to be opening up for external testing until 2018, so you shouldn’t be expecting it any time soon. Heck, the most likely date is around summer 2018. The good news, though, is that once it does arrive players will have a new world to explore that’s driven far more by AI than anything else, according to the most recent development outline on the official site.

While the game had an initial prototype already build, the development team has gone back to basics and is building from the beginning, with the current focus on actionable objects to help guide AI entities through the game world. From there, it’s time to work on feelings and relationships to let things develop organically over time. Read through the whole document if you’re curious; it won’t make the wait any shorter, but it will possibly get you interested in waiting.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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I’m looking forward to where they go with this. It will also help shed more light on the possibilities of Spatial OS.

It sounds kind of like a persistent MMO survival version of The Sims…


Sounds neat. Hopefully they can make it as interesting as it sounds.