AdventureQuest 3D survives Hurricane Irma, embraces Talk Like a Pirate Day


You’re probably well aware that today is that holiest of geek holidays, Talk Like a Pirate Day. AdventureQuest 3D is certainly not ignoring it; the cross-platform MMO is getting into the spirit (and rum) of the season with the return of Captain Rhubarb.

Ol’ Cappy doesn’t have any quests to bestow, but his booty is overflowing with treasure with which he will part — for a price. If you’re rich enough, you can buy your way to a piratey outfit (or a naval commander, if you’re also more prim and proper).

The team also opened up about its harrowing experiences of operating in Tampa during the recent hurricane strike. AQ3D fell upon emergency plans to keep running and came through it just fine.

“On the last day before the hurricane, only a small skeleton crew went into the office where we coordinated the final releases of our game projects, and handed over the keys to our staff in Canada,” the team said. “The scariest thing to take down was our homemade farm of cloud servers for AdventureQuest 3D, because once they went offline it would be near impossible to do any game updates or fixes.”

Stay tuned later today as Massively OP’s Stream Team will be joined by AQ3D staff for a fun pirate-themed stream!

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