Black Desert’s Wonderland-themed Halloween arrives next week

Halloween is coming to Black Desert next week! Some of the new additions are clearly inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, since multiple “queens” play a role.

“Starting next week, the skies of Black Desert Online will be illuminated with an eerie blood red moon and jack-o’-lanterns will light the misty town streets. The Halloween event begins as adventurers encounter the White Witch who asks them to defeat the Black Witch. Players gain special items from this daily-quest just for this special occasion. Central hubs like Velia, Heidel, Valencia and Calpheon will receive a festive Halloween makeover that oozes the spooky atmosphere. New this year is the Alice in Wonderland theme that welcomes props like the Mad Hatter’s famed tea party furnitures.”

Kakao is promising new themey cosmetics, minipets, and masks. Oh, and cosmetics for your horse too: the Skeletal Horse Set. It’s the digital equivalent of a puppy in a hot dog costume. Poor horsie. Vid’s below to tide you over until next Wednesday!

Source: Press release
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Toy Clown

I finally broke the BDO habit last May. I love my fluff too much and the 20-34$ outfits were killing my bank account! As much as I would love to log in and check out the seasonal stuff, I know I won’t be able to resist the fluff. If they ever lower the prices, I might jump back in again.

Melissa McDonald

Skeletal horse sounds pretty interesting.

I have been playing LOTRO pretty much nonstop the last 60 days. Logged in to BDO the other day and the difference in graphic quality was astonishing. I have always loved LOTRO but it looked like it was drawn in crayons after a few minutes in BDO. Sigh.

Kickstarter Donor

Looks like its gonna be a fun Halloween event.


WTF did I just watch?