Star Wars: The Old Republic gives more character slots to everybody

It’s been a weird and woolly week for Star Wars: The Old Republic, with fans enjoying free expansions and mounts while gritting their teeth over an unannounced datacenter move. So add this nugget to the pile: SWTOR is giving all players, free and subscribed, additional character slots.

This is obviously in preparation for November’s server merge — sorry, “United Forces” update — but free bonuses are always welcome. Free players will go from two to four slots, preferred players will go from six to 12, and subscribers will enjoy 24 character slots total. Additionally, the studio said that if subscribers end up with more than 24 characters after the merge (Larry, we’re looking at you), then they’ll be able to play them all.

“These new slot numbers are separate from any character slots which you have purchased,” BioWare said. “This should give a bit of breathing room for players, especially if they played on more than one server which will be brought into a new server on 11/8.”

Source: SWTOR
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