Black Desert kicks off world boss Saturdays, runs through all the seasons in a week

Pity that it doesn't know what makeup looks like.
World bosses seem to be the thing to add to MMOs the last few years to encourage server cooperation, and Black Desert is now getting in on the trend, adding two to the game that spawn on Saturdays starting with November 11th.

“Quint the First Troll lurks at Quint Hill, which is slightly north of Calpheon. This terrifying monster is petrified as a stone statue and set free once a week. Quint is invincible while standing and attacks players with ever increasing damage. It also has a ground pound attack that can kill adventurers instantly. The second boss is Muraka, the King of Ogres. It resides deep inside the Mansha forests. Muraka’s specialities are wide AOE attacks that can damage several players. It needs to be taken down with Vype Stoner Cannons first before players can enter a damage phase.”

Yes, they drop sweet loot, and no, they won’t generate expie penalties if you’re killed by them. Kakao further notes today that this weekend will kick off the wacky “Berserk Season Event,” which zips through all of the seasonal changes super fast over the course of just one week. Wheeee!

Source: Press release

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Getting in on the trend?


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Can’t wait to try these!