Star Wars: The Old Republic proceeds with its United Forces server merge

Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen the death of many Star Wars: The Old Republic servers and will soon see the death of long matchmaking queues.

Or so BioWare hopes.

SWTOR activated its United Forces update today, condensing the game’s entire roster of servers down to a mere five shards. The spin on this merge is that it will allow “players to discover new guilds, new friends, and jump into multiplayer content more easily.”

As players and guilds adjust to the merge and see if they’ve retained their names, BioWare is hoping that a few promotions will bring the crowds through the doors. The studio has added more character slots to every account, is giving away a free Mini Mogul droid pet to players who log in over the next couple of weeks, and is running a promotion to give out a new Darth Hexid companion for those who run a few group activities this month.

Source: Dulfy
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Well, I’m a preferred player (f2p), so I’m not overly surprised that I lost some of my more treasured character names. Of the 33 characters that settled on the new “Darth Malgus” server (EU English), 13 need renaming. Of the 6 on “Star Forge” (US East), thankfully only 1 was a name I’ll actually miss, though 3 in total need new names.

Realistically, I had 9 characters I “care” about on my primary server, all high level, plus maybe another 5 or 6 high level toons who’s names I can live without. Of those 9, I lost 3 precious names I’d had since effectively day 1 of the game going live. So a third, both overall and of the ones I will miss.

Yes, I could have subscribed and had a better chance of keeping my names. I suppose it’s telling that I didn’t think it was worth a month’s subscription right now.

IMO, it was probably one of the better ways of handling naming conflicts. Which isn’t to say I agree with it 100%. Given the time played on the characters I lost names on, I can only assume the duplicate names were lost to people who were actively subscribed on the day of the merger. Fair enough, favour the people who are paying the bills right now.

Regardless, losing a third of my carefully thought out, carefully chosen names still irks.
It has definitely made me less likely to return to the game.
But that’s been the story of this MMO all along, making compromises that alienate another section of their potential client base, one poor decision at a time.

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Space Captain Zor

As I feared, all but 3 of my characters require name changes. And of the 3 that didn’t 2 were rarely-played alts.

Thx Bioware, I’m done.

Logan Celner

First off, if you have a love for Star Wars and its Lore and stories and the characters therein, you will LOVE this game.

I talked a lot of trash on this game and its Devs in the early stages of Beta and launch and a couple years afterward until i finally called it quits. I Came back to the game after being invited back just over a year ago now and I’m glad I did! A lot of salty twats who can never be pleased no matter what devs do will continue to talk shit, but this game has gotten and will continue to get better. Its subscriber base is growing as are the ftp. There’s no pay to win or instant gratification and you have to earn your way to get good (: . Production cost estimates for the game are between $200 and $300 million, with marketing at least another $100M past that. So having a cosmetic micro-transaction store purely to make your character look cool is a way for them to earn back and keep putting more into the game. Which everything in the Micro-Transaction store can be earned in game easily by saving up credits (The in-game currency) and buying from the “Auction House” GTN (Galactic Trade Network). I subscribe to support the devs but havent spent a penny in the crown store for anything and have earned most of the wanted items in the game through saving credits and buying them off the GTN. In terms of Content, the game is very story driven and PHENOMENAL in that regard. The PvP is amazing, and if you are a serious PvPer who wants to wreck, you play with friends you’ve made who are decent players (Through being social, after all its an MMO) and play with them in Ranked PvP, its an awesome experience. In terms of PvE, Raids (Known as Operations) and Dungeons (Known as Flashpoints) They are all awesome, but for a while devs did not add new raids or flashpoints which is where i really enjoy my play time and is a big reason why I left. As of the last 8 months, Devs have focused less on story and pvp, and on the raids and flashpoints, which we will be getting loads more. As I said the player base is growing slowly but surely and that includes Subscribers who support the devs on the month to month basis. I would have never paid a subscription to the game in the vanilla days, but now I would subscribe in a heartbeat to support what has improved and what will be coming, given the content and HEAPS of improvements both game-play and QoL that has already happened over the years.

I highly recommend playing the game if you have a Love for Star Wars, as I said, you will LOVE THIS GAME. (: Cheers!

Alex Malone

Wow, down to just 5 servers?

Heres hoping this game will die soon so that someone else can build a decent Star Wars MMO. I’m not talking about an SWG 2.0 (though that’d be awesome), I would just love a new game that wasn’t so horribly shallow and badly built. I can put up with a lot when it comes to Star Wars, but SW:TOR was simply too bad.

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Good luck to all those still playing.

Jon Jones

Extended downtime. Blegh. Oh well i’m excited for the game to at least “seem” more populated. Still love this game a lot.

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I am too afraid to log in and find I have to change the names of all my toons


It’s the fourth merge (I think?) for my characters, probably will be the third forced name change too. To be fair, I kind of lost interest after the second forced name change, so…

Yeah, what I’m saying is that shame on Bioware for going all this time and still not figuring out some kind of global naming scheme…


Should have taken my stuff from the marketplace before the merge. Oh my, let’s hope nothing happens <.<


Just hang tight. Last server merge it was fine. We will see, this time. But dont’ worry just yet.


Last call. All aboard the Tortanic! (Everything’s just fine — really!) ;)

Ben Stone

I would give the game another crack if they reopened an oceanic server. The game is unplayable with 300+ ping.