Pantheon begins pre-alpha testing for high-end backers


It’s a big day for indie MMORPG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, as it’s the first day the gates open to external pre-alpha testers to help test the game.

“Our testers are starting off in Thronefast, but not a complete, fully-polished, ready-for-shipping Thronefast,” Visionary Realms wrote this morning. “They’ll get to literally see the game grow around them as they help us squash bugs, offer feedback and be a part of the development of this grand MMORPG, arguably earlier than public has ever been invited into an MMO – while there’s still grayboxing!”

As we’ve previously covered, you do need to have purchased the Originator’s package to get into this stage of testing; it’s currently a thousand-dollar package, so it’s not for the casual tester but rather the hardcore backer. “Originator’s packages are still available until December 20th, after which they will no longer include Pre-Alpha access,” warns Visionary Realms.

The game’s latest newsletter also includes a run-down of ongoing development, including the AI system, NPC encounters, race refining,

Source: Newsletter
Update: Pantheon has clarified for us that not everyone who has pre-alpha access beginning today actually paid $1000, as it was at one point possible to buy pre-alpha access through a $250 tier. We have amended our headline accordingly. The only way a player can currently hop into this leg of testing is through the $1000 package.
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