PSA: Darkfall New Dawn is free-to-play right now ahead of next week’s launch


If you’ve been curious about the indie spinoff Darkfall: New Dawn but aren’t sure yet about plunking down pre-order cash, then you’ll be interested to know that Ub3rgames has set aside this weekend for you to try it out for free. The game has multiple packages ranging from €19.99 with a €9.99 per month sub up to €74.99 with a €6.25 per month sub, but this weekend marks a “free trial” period before the launch.

“Wanna check out all the changes we’ve made and make your own opinion about what is new in the world of Agon? Time has come, our free trial will start tomorrow, January 19 12:00 CET [6 a.m. EST this morning]. During the free trial, there will be no limitation and the amount of xp gained will be increased by three. The free trial and the Indev_ server will close on Wednesday January 24 8:00 CET [2 a.m. EST].”

The game is scheduled to launch on January 26th in the wake of the abrupt and bizarre disappearance of the original Darkfall dev team in 2016, just after blessing multiple indie ventures seeking to reboot the game.

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Fnights!
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Frank White

I just don’t see it doing that well. The original never had that big a player base – not that I was ever aware of – and bringing it back now in this form with a subscription….seems like a recipe for failure. Add in the full loot system and I think they’re guaranteeing themselves a very small niche base. But hopefully I’m wrong! It’s not like I WANT the game to fail.


I am curious. I looked into that game at launch but dropped it quickly due to the issues it had, mainly performance and the fact that it became famous under it second name “cheatfall”. So i hope that these issues are gone for the reboot, i wish them luck.


For newcomers: do try out the game just for laughs, the npcs in the beginning are fun to fight, challenging and behave very differently from your normal npcs in other MMOs. You should try it at least while its for free!

Most important thing to remember if you haven’t tried this type of sandbox before: when you die you will respawn at a point you pick that is the same region, but your belongings will be on the corpse where your died. And your *bank inventory* (or rather, your various banks), will be in the cities where you left them, which is not necessarily the city where you revive yourself.
(This is however not an issue in the very beginning where you simply fight the nearest newbie npc gang.)


I wonder how many people will be willinf to pay for a game they already paid for in the past.


We’ll find out when Classic launches! Ba dum tsh!

Kane Hart

Makes me wonder about WoW classic. They going to charge us a copy for the game we bought lol.