Shroud of the Avatar’s most secret area appears only during certain planetary conjunctions


With $12.64 million raised to date (including a recent injection of $50,000 from a telethon) in crowdfunding, Shroud of the Avatar’s certainly had enough money to make a pretty solid fantasy game. We’ll see how it pans out when it officially launches late next month, but in the meanwhile, there’s still the February update to cram in some last-minute additions and fixes.

One area that’s slated for inclusion is the Lost Vale. This is actually pretty interesting: It’s a secret area that only appears when the in-game planets and stars form a certain alignment. From what we can tell, it will be blue. Very blue.

Another addition coming with Release 51 is heraldry for characters. “Stay tuned for more information about how you will be able to connect your personal Heraldry Blazon to your account,” the studio said. “As part of that we are building the items that the heraldry blazons will appear on including tabard armor (cloth, chain, leather, plate), shields, and banners.”

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