Fortnite: Valentine’s day, 3.4 million concurrency, and fixing the ‘extreme load’ problem

This right here would be why Epic Games isn’t all that wrecked over having to put down Paragon: Fortnite hit a new peak concurrency of 3.4 million players over the weekend – that’s up from 60 thousand just a few months ago. Battle royale, folks.

The downside for those 3.4 million players is that the “extreme load” caused half a dozen “incidents” over the same time period, which resulted in matchmaking problems, database failures, and actual outages. There’s a huge postmortem on the official site explaining how it all broke down, but the takeaway is that Epic says it’s working on those problems (and indeed, is hiring folks who specialize in fixing them).

In other Fortnite news, how about some Valentine’s day nonsense? Obliged. In addition to a bunch of pretty pink cosmetics for heroes and gear, the PvE Save the World mode of the game is getting its very own Valentine’s questline. Future patches, Epic says, will include a spring-themed questline, “complete in-game music overhaul,” the stamina patch, improved crafting inventory, and quest map tweaks.

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3.4m not bad. I know it’s free but still. Not a small feet. Good on them.


Wow, that is a really in-depth response to outages. I’d like to see more devs post things I don’t completely understand about problems. That’s a pretty respectful way to talk to the community, even if they are boasting about their numbers.


Hey, lay down the “complete ingame music overhaul” you disrespectful vandals… if there’s one thing I felt they nailed down from the get go, it was the music!