Dauntless previews the gameplay changes coming to islands

Dauntless previews the gameplay changes coming to islands

When you’re exploring islands in Dauntless, you are looking for fun. Part of that means looking for the game’s huge behemoths to fight, but part of it is also about finding the weird stuff off the beaten path, exploring more and learning more about the world. The next set of changes to the islands is about improving that experience, starting with destructible environments that allow behemoths to just clear through and smash the crap out of you regardless of any trees or hillocks in the way.

The changes aren’t limited to when you’re fighting, though. Players can find more points of interest scattered around islands, as well as new traversal options to give you more ways to get from place to place within that same island. There are also entirely new islands coming, if you feel like you’ve already seen the existing islands to the point where more make you want to scream. Check out the full rundown to see the upcoming changes, and strap on your exploration and hunting gear for when they arrive on the live game.

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Grave Knight

I’m just hoping they add smaller monsters for us to hunt. Things that aren’t behemoths.

Dug From The Earth

maybe they should add other things to fight on the islands aside from just the behemoth.

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With Monster Hunter out now – I’m hitting the snooze button until release.