PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds very slightly changes its paid and free lootbox system


A new patch for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds means new loot crates, and that also means that you have an option for one that you can open for free and one that will cost you money. However, the latest patch has at least changed the system very slightly so that the new paid crate is not among those randomly dropped to you on a regular basis. You have to specifically select the paid crate in order for it to turn up.

We should stress, however, that this only applies to the new paid crate; the old paid crate, the Desperado crate, is still in the rotation and will still cost you money to open. So you could argue that if what you really wanted was to not get a crate that asked you for money in the game, all that’s happened is that your odds of getting one have dropped to 20%. Which is still progress, albeit perhaps not the amount of progress you would like.


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lesson learned: sell your crates and use the cash to buy what you want. most items are dirt cheap in the game and there’s some quite nice ones for a reasonable price. but you are going to smash your head on a brick wall trying to roll crates for them.