RaiderZ plans on improving hit detection and map design with its relaunch

What does it take to kill this

A game like RaiderZ with no targeting is highly reliant on its hit detection, but according to the latest release from the team behind the relaunch, there were some persistent problems with certain attacks properly registering as hits or misses. Getting this right is thus one of the top priorities for the game; you should be confident that when you land a hit, it both feels like and is properly acknowledged as a hit.

The development team is also working on reconciling issues with the game’s old world map and with the graphical quality used on various item skins. It’s a slow trickle of information, but you should rest assured that if you enjoyed the hints of the game’s story and wished it were presented better, the team seems to agree with you. As for how it’ll look when all is said and done… well, you’ll still need to wait and see.

Source: Facebook via Reddit
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Alexander Smith

I feel like it’s all to little to late. RaiderZ could have easily beat out TERA with better publishing and development.