Occupy White Walls is the most bizarre new MMORPG we’ve seen in years


Are you tired of being a murder hobo in MMORPGs, tasked with little more than mindless slaughter in between gear grinds, achievement hustles, and lockbox shenanigans? If so, you’re going to want to take a look at Occupy White Walls, which is not actually an April Fools’ Day joke. Developer StikiPixels is calling it a “PC sandbox-building, AI-driven MMO where people play with Art,” complete with gobs of actual historical art, architectural assets, and oh yeah, a mysterious AI on the loose throughout the museum-ish setting. The website’s whimsical, quirky prose should give you an idea what you’re getting into.

“Once you’ve built it, fill it. Your aesthetics, your interests even your art. Curate your own collection from hundreds of thousands of artworks, from the old masters to faeces on canvas. Learn, explore and comment on art. You will find art you didn’t know you’ll love and a new generation of artists will find the audience they deserve. Don’t know anything about art? No matter. Our Radical AI Discovery Engine (D.A.I.S.Y) learns your taste in art and helps you find art you’ll love, and keep you away from stuff you’ll loathe.”

It’s in a closed alpha now but can be accessed by signing up on the official site. According to the press release, only a solo building mode exists right now, with plans to develop for “guilds of people.” And as for the business model…

“The ‘Art Market’ is already cynical, patronising, unethical and geared for the very-very-rich, we don’t see a point in making an online ‘Art fantasy land’ like that too. OWW is as far away as possible from ‘social casino’ and ‘Pay-to-win’. No matter how poor you are, if you are creative (you are), opinionated (that too) and enthusiastic, you’ll do great in OWW. Fair-to-Play means that OWW has no loot boxes (sorry) and no ‘real money’ required to buy any of the game elements – you can realise your way to whatever you like, organically.”

Check out the official site and videos below and we think you’ll agree with our headline. In a good way.

User Created Gallery

Occupy White Walls – Posters

Source: Press release, official site
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Schlag Sweetleaf

The pvp would be epic…


lol critique.

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Schlag Sweetleaf

Perhaps “APPRECIATE!” would have been better;)

Andü Abril

LOL love this. I´ve been giving a try to the game for some time now…a couple months, and I must say I like it LOTS. I´m a big art geek in any case ^_^

Funny that the definitions I can find around range from “bizarre” to “weird”

It´s all about originality, I guess :D I really hope to see how this project develops

Jeffery Witman

The fact that it’s nothing like any other MMO is exactly why it’s the best fulfillment of the potential of the genre.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what made the old MMOs feel so good, and why it seems impossible to capture that feeling with today’s games, and I think I hit on it: perpetual persistence.

Put simply, I think we all believed, at some level or other, that those early MMO universes would persist forever (or at least a couple decades). That our achievements and accomplishments and contributions would be there for our children to appreciate when they got old enough to play. Why put all that time in if it’s not going to matter next year?

Then they didn’t. And the games got easier because people weren’t willing to put in all that grinding time just to have the game shut down after a couple years. Then you got sandboxes and open worlds and all kinds of complex and convoluted systems trying to catch that feeling again, but it’s not there because we all know that Dungeoncrawl 7: Wrath of the Loot Box isn’t going to be around in any real form in a couple years.

I think that’s how WoW maintains their numbers. They keep that illusion going. I think that’s how a lot of older games lost their numbers, too. They made sudden, drastic changes (like the CU and NGE in SWG) that fundamentally altered the game and broke any belief that it would be around in a recognizable form for any length of time. Now most of us know better.

OWW looks like something that could actually manage to stick around, as weird as it seems. Engage people, get people engaged with each other, allow them to build and express themselves freely, and you might just be able to last for a good, long while.

Or at least get people to believe that you will.

Loyal Patron

Well, it beats another WoW expansion.

Sean Layton

I’m an artist/gamer who’s been looking for a virtual art game that I could take seriously. I’ve waited patiently for some of the blockchain startups like Decentraland and MarkSpace to take off, even tried to get my art fix from games like Rust xD but I have yet to find something as intriguing and developed as OWW.

The open landscape/sky sucked me in right away. Of course the intense graphics means you’ll need a good computer (see https://www.oww.io/system-req) The game is different from other games I’ve come across. I have yet to be bored. For a virtual art gallery I found that odd, but getting on for 30 minutes to an hour every day has become part of my daily routine.

Some people are worried about “dick galleries” once they allow people to upload their own artwork. The thing is….you can choose from art before visiting the gallery that it’s in and the artificial intelligence learns what you like….so if you like dicks go for it, but they’re easily avoidable.

I took a couple years of art history in college and never really felt the same way about fine art as I have from seeing my Van Gough’s and Monet’s virtually hanging from the walls. I understand gamers want to take chainsaws to the paintings (and who know’s maybe that will be a feature one day) but as of now you can tell this game is geared toward VR art and creativity (yes please).

You can build your own gallery, curate art, listen to music, etc. There is a residual income based on how much you do in the game that accumulates even when you’re not playing. It gives me actual incentive to get on a little every day. With cloud gaming on the rise and VR getting more affordable in the future, I could see a lot of gamers and nongamers playing this game.

Downsides? Still in Alpha. Bugs.

PC/VR needs more spaces like OWW. Just sayin.

Oleg Chebeneev

So this “MMO” is all about decorating white walls with painting? Looks like a game I could enjoy. For 3 seconds before uninstalling.

I would recommend developers make VR support. This style could interest VR community


Has anyone managed to create an account yet? I seem to be having issues. :/

Robert Mann

I like the creativity, but art exhibit isn’t really my thing. I might look more if there’s something more to it at some point, and I certainly wish them well!


Brilliant, innovative idea.
Can’t say I’m even faintly interested in playing it, but creative, certainly.


Combat or no, there really isn’t much of a game that I can see.

Vincent Corlaix

At first hand, please accept my aplolgies for my poor/strange english.

I am playing in OWW since a month or two from now. I experienced two major updates and one acount reset. This, my friends, is the downside of participating of a closed alpha release.
The upside is to have the privilege to participate at my very personal level to the development of this «game».
OWW is quite a UGO (Unidentified Gaming Object). I’m still puzzled when I try to qualify this. A game ? Sort of. A simulation? Maybe. A Second Life ripoff? Not really. A piece of art allowing you to show your art feelings? Yup!
Yes, the game is not finished, not polished, bugged. But it’s already very enjoyable. But the team behind is composed with very nice peoples always ready to help and listen to your point of view.

Don’t think you’ll find an adventure game, much interactive devices, something to shoot with or at. That’s not at all the goal of OWW.
Oddly, it’s easyier to qualify what is not OWW than what it really is.
But I think, what is OWW is simple : it’s what you’ll do in it.

Vincent Corlaix

I forgot to mention two things: Your choice of art to display is assisted by an AI written specifically for the game. Using it is quite awesome…
Also, if you want a short glimpse of some minds behind StickyPixels, check this: