Blade and Soul’s robot dungeon event kicks off next week

For thee!
Call ’em golems, call ’em automatons, or call ’em war machines, at the end of the day, they’re robots in a fantasy setting, and we have to be OK with that.

Actually more than OK, because robots are awesome and sometimes they go haywire and we get a valid excuse to go beat some up. This will happen next week with the onset of the Automaton Assault event dungeon in Blade and Soul, which will be running from April 11th through May 2nd.

This level 50 limited-time dungeon tasks players with putting down a robot uprising, all for cosmetics and other rewards. Players can even secure the winner of Blade and Soul’s 2018 costume design contest, which ended up being Phantom Flower (spoiler: It has flowers on it).

Source: Blade and Soul. Thanks Rafael!
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Why do they have technology in a Wuxia(?)/martial arts MMO, I just can’t get behind this.


Cool. Thanks for the post MOP.

Yeah, it’s one event right after the other. It starts to grind on you a bit, BUT not when there is a good event dungeon and this one looks great. They showed it off during the live stream.

There will be a few other quality of life improvements too. Which we Gunners need after a big nerf last patch. Yeah, yeah we were OP. But someone has to be.

My Force Master Taliee approves of the nerf though especially since she got a new outfit from the current event.


It looks lovely. <3