Lord of the Rings Online talks Update 23, Mordor’s difficulty, lag, and more

Now that Lord of the Rings Online has emerged from Mordor, it’s preparing to go back in the future. SSG’s Rob Ciccolini and Jerry Snook opened up about next couple of updates with MMO Central, teasing an epic confrontation with the giant spider Shelob. Before this takes place, however, Update 23 is going to deliver what sounds like a new region and lots of new instances.

“Our next update will move towards the Grey Mountains, but as we expand we expect to have some reference or maybe even a short appearance because that will be the beginning of [Shelob’s] storyline,” said Ciccolini.

The conversation wound around to a variety of different topics, such as housing upkeep, security issues, the difficulty of Mordor, Daybreak as a publisher, The Hobbit as source material, class balance passes, and the severe lag issues the game has experienced for years now (no reassuring answers for the latter, by the way).

Here’s an interesting fact: Ciccolini says that Daybreak Austin’s Jack Emmert — yes, that Emmert — is his “direct boss.”

Ciccolini said that the studio is in the process of hiring a new engineer to work on the game, which should give hope to those looking for fixes to some of the creaky underpinnings of this MMO.

Source: MMO Central
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