Blizzard’s latest job listing suggests at a PvP focus in its unannounced game

Healing girl.

If you love trying to speculate about the next title coming from Blizzard based on vague job postings, you’ll be happy to know that another one is there, asking for a director with a passion for PvP experiences. Of course, Blizzard’s last three titles have all been PvP-focused experiences, but combined with the focus on unit abilities and the promises that this will be a first-person title, the game sounds a lot like…

Well, actually, that sounds a lot like Overwatch. Which is already a thing that exists, so perhaps that’s not it.

Speculation can, of course, go in almost any direction; it could be Blizzard’s version of a battle royale title, a new version of the aforementioned Overwatch, or almost anything else. We simply don’t know at this point. But have fun speculating down in the comments and/or grousing about the promise of another first-person PvP-focused game getting released. It’s a very original genre.

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when was the last time blizzard actually put some effort to making a good game?starcraft 2?both them and bioware are done as far as being creative developers.

Mikka Hansen

blizz has never, ever been a “creative” developer. warcraft/starcratf were typical westwood-like games ripping off warhammer/40k IPs. diablo was baldur’s gate with the most plain and generic lore possible. wow was EQ2 plus. OW is Team Fortress, HS is mtg for morons,HotS is self explanatory…

even when it came to their game’s features they have always trailed behind others, copying/refining what worked into their games

blizz have never been a creative force since the lost vikings. their area of expertise lies somewhere else. take what others did, iterate and improve on it.

Im not saying thats bad. Im saying thats not creative.

Grave Knight

I’m not sure they would make a Battle Royale.

What would be cool is if they’re working on a StarCraft shooter.


That’s just sad


Of course PVP is going to be a focus; PVP is the easy-mode of development – let other humans provide content instead of having to hire writers and producers just for that stuff.
Hell, that’s why some of the first (arguably) mmo games were pvp shooters like quake. You could take the engine as built, and a few guys in their proverbial garage could build astonishingly engaging and entertaining games in a short series of months.*
*of course, nobody would ever accuse them of being DEEP
And, frankly, if it’s built in from the beginning, balance (the sine qua non of PVP) is pretty simple too: checkers is ‘balanced’.


I’m sure if Blizzard makes a Battle Royale a lot of people will play it, because it has the Blizzard stamp. Seems even games like HoTS are still played even if they are in the shadow of LoL and Dota 2. It may be in the shadow of PUBG and Fortnite, but it will still be played, it won’t fail miserably like Radical Heights is right now.


*looks in mirror*

“Nope … still not a 13 year old Korean boy or a house wife.”

*continues to ignore Blizzard products*

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Aaaannnnddddd any interest I would have had is considerably lowered.

Sally Bowls

Do we expect any major studio to make another PvE game? Alas! They have ceased making MMOs.

Without a world, it seems to me you are sort of relegated to some sort of PvP.


Not that their overall roster is anything but minuscule, but the more time it passes the more I realize our mutual relationship -blizzard and me, that is- was based off the “fluke” that WoW represented more than anything else.

Apparently outside of that there is precious little we share in terms of… just about anything.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

. . . competitive first-person shooter games.

This continues Blizzard’s decision to go all-in on Esports.