Lineage II celebrates its anniversary and the spring harvest


Dual events are vying for players’ attention in NCsoft’s long-running Lineage II. Can you believe that the fantasy MMORPG is now 14 years old? You’d better, because the anniversary celebration is happening right now.

From now through May 16th, Lineage II is spreading the love and festivities to all players through bonus server settings. These include 300% vitality bonus, no XP loss upon death, and 200% item drop rates (on weekends only).

In addition to the anniversary, the Spring Harvest event is in full swing with lots of opportunities to smash open food to see if there are any rewards inside. Because that’s what you should have been doing with food all along, don’t you know!

Lineage II launched in North America back on April 27th, 2004. Yes, it actually predates a certain other fantasy MMO. Impress your friends with that fact.

Source: Lineage II