Overwatch is adding LFG functions, player endorsements (plus a major Symmetra rework)


Acknowledging players who do well in Overwatch is a big part of what keeps players in the game, and to that end the latest developer update reveals that more tools will arrive to facilitate doing just that. The new endorsements feature will allow you to commend players on either team who display behaviors that you think deserve acknowledgement, like good sportsmanship and solid teamwork.

Players will also have the option of using the new Looking for Group feature to assemble a team composed of just the people you need. That’s on top of the upcoming Symmetra rework (which should go live with the next patch) and a reorganization of Attack and Defense heroes into a single “Damage” category. Check out the full video just below for a rundown of the social features (and other changes) coming to the game in the near future.

[PTR] New Symmetra’s abilities. from Overwatch

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These are all good changes.

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Harumph! I don’t like change. I don’t like what they’ve done to Symmetra. /crossarms

I really felt they just needed to extend her sentry turret placement range alone and see from there. She was strong already, just underrated as what she provided wasn’t as simple as a damage or healing number. She was much more about wearing down the enemy team through damage, shields and utility. I liked the thematic flavor more in comparison to the latest rework.

That said, the rework itself isn’t terrible, it’s just more focused on making her damage with some utility and a shield ult. (The ult is a lot of visual noise by the way.) The new teleport mechanic is an interesting idea as it adds a valuable, strategic new way to affect the game.

I’m not against making Symmetra more viable, but I’ll miss what made me love her so much in the first place.

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Neato, they’re bringing over more features from League. This is a good thing.

Bryan Correll

Endorsements made me imagine Winston running around with a shirt promoting Chiquita.


The LFG change is interesting. It will basically ensure that pre-mades are formed with appropriate number of damage, tank and support players. I can see 4, 5, 6-stacks being a LOT harder to beat after the change.