Fortnite finally delivers player reporting tools with Patch 4.4

Save money.

“Naughty players” who are dragging down Fortnite’s gameplay with griefing or frequent AFKing could now land themselves in some hot water, thanks to the first iteration of the game’s new player reporting system.

The devs are being cautious with this feature, as they don’t want it to be abused or create a whole mess of false positives. It will be handled manually by the team at first until it is confident that it’s useful enough to fully automate.

Today’s Patch 4.4 also includes the much anticipated ability to place traps on ramps and a helpful buff to melee fighters. But wait! There’s more! “The Thermal Scope Assault Rifle also makes its debut in Battle Royale, so be careful where you hide. Fight alongside a mysterious new mythic hero in the next installment of the Blockbuster quadrilogy, Blockbuster Part 3: The Cloaked Star.”

Source: Patch notes
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…I’m telling.

Sophia Noah

“Naughty players” is a very popular gamer. its recently develop something called reporting tools through which the gamers can report about the game. they established it by using patch-4-4. For more information, you can visit Skype tech support