Crowfall shines more light on its day/night cycle

Place after place.

With a fully dynamic world that involves varied spawns, parcels that are moved around, and generated terrain, the Crowfall team had a tougher challenge than most to create good-looking lighting that was carefully placed by hand. Instead, the art team had to come up with fully-dynamic lighting, and Art Director Melissa Preston is more than happy to talk about that and more on this month’s Q&A video.

The lighting keeps changing, too, as Crowfall just instituted a day/night cycle with Patch 5.7. The devs talk about all of this, fiddling with the various sliders to show the complexity of lighting in this MMO. If nothing else, it’s an eye-opener about an aspect of these games that you may have never considered!

The video also shows off the Stoneborn and female Half-Giant characters, so there’s a lot to absorb before all is said and done!

Source: Crowfall

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Roger Melly

I really dislike fast day night cycles . Hopefully this wont be like that

Brown Jenkin

I’m curious, what do you consider fast? Something like 2 or 4 hours seems reasonable to me as you can fit several of them in throughout the day without the pace seeming bananas. Its pretty important to make sure players can experience day and night regardless of what part of the world they live in though, so more than 4hr cycles seem rough.


This is the next MMO I’m allowing myself to get kind of excited for. I’m not normally a fan of PvP in MMOs, especially when PvP is a main focus. But with the things I’ve read about Crowfall, I think it could make me a believer.

Matthäus Wey

It still looks kinda meh overall but it’s great to get a behind the scenes look and see how much thought they put into it. The whole stream was really fun to watch and it’s nice that they explained everything so even people who don’t know exactly what’s happening can get a hang of it.