Path of Exile’s Elementalist wins Incursion League popularity contest

Path of Exile’s Elementalist wins Incursion League popularity contest
Which classes are most popular in Path of Exile’s Incursion League? Grinding Gear Games has released the stats for the first three weeks of the newest league showcasing the classes that players are using the most. And results are quite different than the last league. In Incursion, the Elementalist sits on top of every category; in contrast, it was a least favored class in Bestiary League. GGG noted that these results are also affected by the recent rework of classes, bringing Saboteur into second place as players experiment with the new traps.

Check out all the results on the official site and see where your class sits on the popularity ladder, and then maybe poke through the updated patch notes!

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20 challenges done… I guess I’m above average lol. Though, to be fair, I finished up 3 today, so probably had 17 when that graph was made.

I keep being surprised that noone plays Occultist. I’ve chosen it on about half my chars since Ascendancy’s introduction, and it’s always been good. Since the ascendancies reworks and buffs though, it’s been simply amazing. With the shield regen you’re pretty much invincible while clearing mobs, and with the uninterruptable recharge you can keep recharging shield in nearly every boss fight. I found an abyssal lich boss in a high level map earlier, and managed to kill it without even getting close to death.