PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds MMR matchmaking to Sanhok, addresses big criticisms


The dev team at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds pushed out a patch this week that addressed a couple of the more pressing issues for the game right now, such as a fix for a “revive bug” that wasn’t letting players come back to life in team matches. We can see how that might be problematic in a PvP game.

The patch came with one key improvement to the new Sanhok map: “After receiving a lot of feedback from players who love Sanhok, we’re also going to turn on MMR matchmaking for the map on live servers soon. We agree with the feedback we’ve received from many of you that this will make the map a more meaningful and competitive experience.”

The team also slid a special message into the patch notes that acknowledged valid criticisms over game performance and issues. It promised that effort was being put into improving performance, combating cheating, and eliminating problematic bugs.

Source: Patch notes

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Hehe, I can’t help but read MMR and think “Measels, Mumps, and Rubella” vaccine. Which I’m a solid 85% sure is not what they are talking about here, but stranger things have happened.