OrbusVR hosts another free weekend starting today

OrbusVR hosts another free weekend starting today

We should warn prospective players of OrbusVR ahead of time that the game’s new free weekend will not include a free VR headset. If you want to play the game, you will need to already have a headset to do so. However, if you already have your set but haven’t yet tried the game out, you can do so for free starting… why, today!

All right, the official listing says “Friday, July 19th,” but we’re going to assume that’s a typo. [Update: Yep. It was. Live now!]

Players can explore the game freely for the duration of the free weekend, which comes to a close on July 22nd at 3:00 a.m. EDT. The game has had some recent patches, so if you’d been holding off on playing the game for whatever reason, this is a perfect opportunity to see what’s on display and consider making it a fixture of your VR library.

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Be sure to try this game before buying it.
I was dizzy after playing it for 30 minutes, and I don’t normally feel like that with Oculus.
I think the fact of walking in game causes that (in me) as I can play Elite for hours without any problem.