Rend discusses sweeping content changes, wipes alpha servers ahead of new testing surge today


Keep an eye on your inboxes today if you’re hoping to get into Rend’s alpha test: Frostkeep announced this week that it’s added two new servers and “thousands” of new testers today. The downside? The existing four servers will be wiped, so all testers are effectively starting over.

In addition to the character redesign and talent rebalance features in progress, Frostkeep says it’s also targeting “sweeping changes to the game’s harvesting and crafting logistics and overall game cycle timing” plus updates to the Yggdrasil biome, taming, metaprogression system, “increasing early to mid-game competitiveness to reduce the snowball effect of one faction getting ahead. The overall goal is to make a cycle of Rend last longer and play like less of a frantic race to the finish line.” You’re not going to be able to port a truckton of mats across the map like it’s nothing anymore, either.

“We’ll also be rebalancing a number of gameplay logistics to bring Rend more in line with the pace we envision for Early Access and beyond. As you probably suspected, the ability to effortlessly transport tons of materials from one end of the map to another in Alpha wasn’t quite balanced. With next week’s game update, we’re going to make transporting what you harvest in the world feel more meaningful through a combination of adjustments to carrying capacity and raw weight of materials. We’ll also be increasing the efficiency of personal refineries and usefulness of personal bases (for more than just their teleport function) as well as reintroducing resource extractors.”


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