In Conan Exiles’ upcoming pet patch, thralls ‘don’t poop, somehow’


Conan Exiles’ parity patch has finally hit the Xbox One servers after a week’s delay. Funcom says it ought to mop up crash problems, although there’s apparently some fresh lag issues to deal with now. PS4 players, however, are still waiting, as apparently Sony rejected the PS4 patch for being too big, so the studio’s “working on reducing” it. There’s a crude joke in there somewhere. This is Conan we’re talking about.

That’s all in this week’s community newsletter, in addition to news about the first phase inbound pet system, which is due to launch on the test server this week. Here’s where the poop comes in.

“When we roll out the pet system we’ll also be rolling out new functionality for your thralls,” Funcom says. Yep, you’re going to have to feed them.

“In the same way that pets need to be fed to keep them alive your thralls will also need food to avoid that pesky thing called death. Think of it as a decay system for pets and thralls. It will help remove pets and thralls that have been abandoned by players, reducing stress on the server databases. You feed pets and thralls by putting food into their inventory, but there will also be special Feed Boxes and Thrall Pots that you can use to distribute food to them automatically. Any food will work as pet food and thrall food. Live animals will produce dung, which is used to create compost for your planters. Thralls won’t produce dung. They don’t poop, somehow. Even if your pets die you can still make use of them. Placing dead pets inside a Liquid Separator will grind them down into blood, bone and hide resources.”

This post got out of control fast.

Source: Newsletter. Cheers, Kinya!
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