The Daily Grind: How fast do you consume patch content in MMOs?


I do the exact same stupid trick every time there’s a patch for Final Fantasy XIV. I play the heck out of it in the morning before leaving the house to take care of errands and such, then I agonize over getting everything done and missing a weekly reset… and then by the evening I’ve cleared everything. You would think I’d learn by this point, but no, once another patch shows up I’m making the exact same stupid mistakes.

In the long run, this works out all right for me, but it’s still kind of silly. But some of my friends are smarter than I am and pace themselves far better, so by the time they’re wrapping up patch content it’s been, like, at least a week. But what about you, dear readers? How fast do you consume patch content in MMOs? Do you immediately explore new quests, levels, and what-have-you, or do you pace yourself? Or, perhaps, are you behind the curve and confident that it shan’t matter too much either way?

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Sally Bowls

A lot depends on the time-sensitive nature. If I need to do X in order to do Y or especially need to do X to start the Y daily/weekly cooldown, then there are advantages of sooner vs later. If it is just going to the Q1 content cave to see this quarter’s content that will always be there, then I may just keep working on what I am doing until curiosity and boredom intersect and I go start it.

Toy Clown

I’m the slowest person alive to down new content! It has to really look engaging and reward nice fluff for housing or character wear before I’ll rush into it. I don’t care for the player rush to new content and usually wait for things to die down before I’ll head in.

For example, with FFXIV’s new patch, all I’ve done is look for the new emotes and hairstyles, while also working toward the new Captain rank. PvP is really good right now as the queues are much shorter with the others wanting their hairstyles. With other things, I’ll wait for the rude people to get out the way before I venture in.

Loyal Patron

FFXIV is the only MMO I’m current on. Depending on the patch it usually takes me anywhere from 2 days to a week. I’d say that I complete the “core” additions within a few days post-patch.

My completion time for patches in Stormblood has actually increased. They’ve deviated so little from the formula established in the previous expansion that I just can’t be bothered to put in more than, at most, 2 hours in a given evening; even if I have more free time than that.

Kickstarter Donor

For me it depends what the DLC or Patch content etc is.. if it is features, classes etc.. those things will get used straight away. But if it is story then it pretty much depends on where my characters are in the story already as I prefer to do things in order.

I am not someone who has to do the new things simply because it is new.. but rather when I get to it in the logical order of things.

If it is just bug fixes then cool but I have bee super lucky over the years in that I have only run in to very few bugs unless I am specifically beta trsting a game.

Lieutenant BaconWaffles

Same. I also tend to avoid endgame content until everyone has abandoned the areas for new endgame content.


I typically dive into it, suspending all non-essential farming/daily activities, until completed regardless of the amount of content.

Dug From The Earth

Wouldnt this depend heavily on the quality and quantity OF the actual patch content?

All too often, patch content is barely 2-3 hours worth of gameplay, with the exception of raids, which are designed to be repetitive.

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Tobasco da Gama

I don’t generally change my playtime patterns at all when patches come out. At most, a patch can get me to switch out which games I’m playing.


Depends on a number of factors, like how much I’m able to play, whether that content interests me, and whether I’ve already explored the region where the new content takes place. If everything align and the new content is something I really want to play in a place I’ve already explored and released when I have plenty of free time, I finish it blazingly fast.

Something similar happens when the content has daily or weekly rewards that can be lost if you don’t do the content fast enough, or otherwise has progression gated by dailies or weeklies, though that has some nasty bad side-effects for me: not only it makes me tire of the game far faster than usual, if I lose even one daily or weekly reset there’s a good chance I’ll leave the game, at least temporarily. Missing on a daily or weekly reset makes me feel not only like I’m behind the pack, but also like I’m stuck there with no way to catch up regardless of my future efforts, and that is a depressing enough feeling I’m likely to just abandon the game and go play something else.

For the most part, though, I go through the content slowly; as long as I don’t feel pressured to play it immediately, I will keep wandering around and doing content based on my whims, and thus the new content will last due to myself alternating between old and new content as I play whatever catches my eye in a given day.

IronSalamander8 .

Reasonably fast but in a game where I have a lot of alts, like CoH/CoV where I had over 70 characters, I can make it last a long time. In games with less alts I tend to go through it faster although there’s so much to do in FF14 from earlier stuff I’ve just started Stormblood on my highest class (62 DRK), and not a in hurry so it is lasting me longer.

In games such as shooters I tend to burn though content pretty fast, especially if I really enjoy the game. But sometimes the content can keep interest for a long time if it’s captivating.


Depends on how captivating the content is. If the story is solid and interesting, i’ll probably go through it quickly because it feels like a good book – just can’t put it down. Sometimes when i’ve had enough and need a break, i’ll try to change it up a bit by doing something different (dungeons, mini games, whatever the game offers). Then when i go back to questing and story, it’s like brand new content just dropped.

It’s rare that i’ll just sit idle at endgame stage though. Once all the storyline content has tried up, i will generally just quit the game until new stuff comes. I appreciate games like ESO and FFXIV – when a content patch drops, you know you’re in for a whole slew of great quests.