Lineage II Classic celebrates NA launch with two in-game events as it opens yet another server


Earlier this week, NCsoft launched Lineage II Classic, giving players a chance to party (and grind) like it’s 2003, and to celebrate the occasion, the studio is running two in-game events to give players a bit of a boost as they begin their adventures in Aden. The first event, running until November 7th, is the daily Attendance Checklist event. Each day, players who log in to the game for at least 30 minutes will receive one of a variety of attendance rewards, including potions, XP and SP scrolls, and other useful consumables.

Meanwhile, the Memorable Raid event, which will also run until November 7th, challenges players to take down any of a number of world raid bosses that will be spawning every 20 minutes in certain hunting zones. Killing any of these bosses will grant players and their party members with a 10-minute buff that enhances their physical and magical attack power. What’s more, after the buff expires, players will also receive a special supply box that can contain a variety of useful items, such as gear and crafting materials.

It looks as if the throwback game is doing pretty well so far; last night, NCWest opened up another server.


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The game has a lot of bugs which need fixing. One thing which might not be a bug is the drop rate is not just low it’s shocking, lvl 30 – 35 mobs dropping beween 23 – 40 Adena each, now thats as low rate as you can get. I think if it stays like that it will kill the servers.


I tried it but its not so friendly in the keybind area.
Cant use num-pad buttons to rebind keys. As a lefty that’s a big turn off for me.


Tried it for a bit and it feels more like a modified Frankenstein than classic.

There are so many pay-2-progress options it’s hard to say it’s actual classic.

I know some will argue that it’s not P2W, but with soulshots being in the cash shop and having to pay $50 1st month and $16.50 each addition month to maintain a level 4 VIP (25% exp. 50% drop, 10% PvE dmg) compounded with the additional $30 50% exp release packs and 20min 30% exp scrolls in the cash shop. Anyone who throws $200-$300 at this game is at a significant boosted 130%+exp leveling advantage.

You could argue people don’t have the time anymore to level on classic anymore, but I personally feel like it took away the nostalgia.