Torchlight Frontiers takes player feedback on horizontal progression, details development updates


Earlier this month, the folks at PWE-published Echtra Games took to the Torchlight subreddit to open up a conversation with the community regarding the dev team’s vision of horizontal progression in Torchlight Frontiers, and according to the latest development update, the team is taking the feedback to heart: “The team is listening and folding your feedback into how we steer the horizontal progression experience going forward.”

The update also provides players with a look at what the team has been working on over the course of the most recent milestone, which is all about getting the current game content polished. That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any new additions, though. The number of waypoints in the game has been increased, and the game’s party system has received “tons of polish,” which includes making sure that party members correctly share progress toward quest objectives. The update also adds a “nav mesh fix for Dank Gobhole,” which is not explained, but it certainly sounds intriguing. Those are just a few of the latest updates, though, and if you want to check out the full list and take a look at Torchlight Frontiers’s continuing journey through development, you can do so over on the game’s subreddit.


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I guess I better get myself over to their Reddit and start to share my opinions since they are listening to the feedback they are getting there. Sometimes they don’t get enough feedback that represents what a lot of people want and make the wrong decisions based on the group of people that are there giving them feedback.

Case in point – Gazillion made some terrible choices listening to feedback of a very very small group (like seriously 2-3) players about skill changes to their Elektra character going into the horrible BGuE/Omega updates. While those updates in general were bad overall, they really messed up some characters worse than others (like said Elektra) by listening to the opinion of too small of a group. If more of us were there to give feedback that some of the changes wouldn’t have been as bad as they were.

When a company goes listening to too small of a group and making changes based on what that small group suggests it can sometimes end up disastrous for the rest of us. So we better get our butts over to their reddit if they’re listening to the feedback of people there and make sure we get our two cents in.

Castagere Shaikura

Yeah i hate this when devs do this. And most of the time these same people never stick around the game long either. I bet the reddit is filled with all the players want open world pvp. I wish game devs would just make their own game instead of listening to a few that post. They have the idea for it already and don’t need these arm chair game devs that only post on forums and are clueless about making games.