Lead programmer: ‘There is no hope for Greed Monger’


The long-troubled Greed Monger, a Kickstarted sandbox MMO that produced a remarkable project implosion, took an interesting turn last week when its former lead programmer came out of the woodwork to announce that he was working on a prototype for the MMO.

Turns out that James Proctor was only testing the waters of community interest and talking off the top of his head. A new post on the soon-to-be-defunct Greed Monger website reveals that he won’t be moving forward with a revival after all. Since he says he’s going to take the site down soon, we’ve included his final message to the community here.

A few days ago I made a very rash decision. When some people in a community found out I was involved with Greed Monger, they asked me out right if I intended to try and revive Greed Monger using the framework that the Discord Community was for. At first I said flat out no, I had no desire to try and rebuild Greed Monger. I was planning on doing my own thing and wanted to stay clear of Greed Monger. I however set out to see what I had left of Greed Monger and found all of our documentation that we had, our game design document, spread sheets, etc. I looked over them and got to thinking that now that Jason was refunding the Kickstarter money this was my chance to re-envision what Greed Monger was. Simplify it down to its core foundation, release it, and then post-launch expand it and build it into something potentially special or at least something that my friends and I could be happy playing together if nothing more.

So I decided to give it a shot. Commit to building a working prototype and throughout that process see what the response was going to be from the community. If the response was positive then take it beyond the prototype and if it was mostly negative then just end it right there. Well it didn’t take long to see what the response was going to be. I didn’t stop to think about how it would look or what the result would be from those close to me.

I should have put much more planning into it and not been so rash in my decision to attempt to rebuild Greed Monger. So on that note after looking at the Facebook group numbers, looking at the website response, looking at the responses on different forums, and listening to what those around me have to say I have to say there is no hope for Greed Monger. Greed Monger’s days have come and gone, the ship has sailed.

The community has either moved on to other games or they have turned completely against Greed Monger which I totally get. At this point even if someone were able to pick up the Greed Monger IP and run with it the game wouldn’t be financially sustainable because of all of the bad blood surrounding it. So with that said this time IS the final dieing [sic] breath of Greed Monger. Sorry for having wasted your time and hope you all have found other virtual homes and lands to conquer. The site will officially be going dark in a few days once this post was up for long enough.

Get caught up on the entire saga:

Source: Greed Monger
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