Greed Monger has actually begun refunding Kickstarter backers from 2012


Way back in 2015, Kickstarted MMORPG Greed Monger was dead in the water, ripped apart by development delays, infighting amongst the developers, lawsuit threats, and then abandonment. The word “scam” was used copiously, given that the devs had raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter in 2012 in the service of building out a crafting sandbox that never happened.

It got weirder in 2016, when one of the original devs resurfaced, promised to work on the game, and then quit once more, this time citing its small playerbase. And then last year, a totally different former developer showed up with an apology and plan for refunds. As recently as a few weeks ago, that dev, Jason Appleton, was cheering his apparent luck in the cryptocurrency market and promising refunds.

I’m astonished to report that those refunds are actually happening.

Both tipsters to Massively OP and Kickstarter backers on the platform are reporting that their refunds are actually arriving.

“As promised, I have begun sending out more refunds,” Appleton writes on Kickstarter. “I am limited to $2,000 per day though Paypal. But we will get through them! You can use the link in the previous update to monitor refund progress moving forward. I can’t tell you all how happy being able to do this is making me. This has been a plague on my mind YEARS!!”

So there you go. Make sure you claim yours.

Source: Kickstarter. With thanks to Rolan and Wesley!
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