Greed Monger’s development comes to the ‘end of the road’


Not that you’ve been holding onto incredible hope that Greed Monger would somehow see a revival after an extremely troubled development cycle, but you should probably know that the game is now officially cancelled.

“After careful consideration [given the] GM’s track record and the number of people we still have in the community we have decided it’s best to put Greed Monger to rest for good,” Lead Developer James Proctor posted today. “There is no way that Greed Monger could support itself with as small of a user base as we would have. It’s been fun working with you guys all these years and I hope you guys find homes in future MMOs.”

This is, of course, not the first time that Greed Monger has called it quits; the fantasy game has given up several times before. The crowdfunded MMO did announce a return of sorts back in January, but today’s announcement under the title of “The final end of the road for Greed Monger” makes us think that this will be the last time we’ll ever hear of this game.

Source: Greed Monger. Thanks to Higasho for the tip!
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