Shadow’s Kiss peeks at mad science, mummies, and pole dancing


Time to dive into the seedy underbelly of the city and see what’s going on with the indie vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss. The month of November was a busy one for the team, as it put out a few interesting glimpses into the characters and locales of this game.

The most press was given to the creation of a creepy-looking mummy pet. Apparently, vampires like to lug mummies around, perhaps as a cross-promotion for Universal Studios. “The few Vampires who care about cosmology have reported that Mummies kept as Pets are focused only on their new duties in the service of the Vampire, and that the details of their long-lost lives are vanished under the dust of millennia,” the team wrote.

Next up was a quick and skeezy detour into an exotic dancers club, where the soulless eyes of the workers bore into you as they get jiggy with things:

Finally, the team shared a look at the Examinatologist Laboratory. Think “mad scientist necromancers” and you’ll be on target here. Apparently this will be part of a quest that alpha access backers will be able to play “soon.”

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Toy Clown

I had flashbacks of SWG watching the dancers in the video. /exotic 4

Bruno Brito

Uh…while i’m actually fond of a more Vampire: Masquerade feel that this game “has”, i don’t think it’s healthy for the game to elaborate on other’s realms ( mummies, necromancers, mages ) without fleshing out their own main setup first ( vampires ). I’m of the firm belief that the most “outlandish” content should be kept minimal. I can for instance agree with vampires interacting with a mage or two, or a necro or two, but if the fantasy of the game is underworld creatures disguised as civilians, then, too many of them and it gets messy.


Apparently this will be part of a quest that alpha access backers will be able to play “soon.”

Keep in mind that Alpha I was originally scheduled for June 2017.