Anthem player learns why you don’t break NDAs. Or why you don’t use Origin. It’s one of those.


With the line between live and beta in online games blurring more and more by the year, it’s no wonder some folks have gotten accustomed to not taking their NDAs on closed tests any more seriously than your average headstart. But back that truck up because it really can matter, as a gamer in Anthem’s closed alpha learned this weekend.

According to YouTuber LiveFails, when one tester attempted to stream Anthem on Twitch this weekend, EA shut him down and them blanked his entire Origin library. Here is where you make a joke about having enough games in an Origin library to even matter. Or possibly where you wonder whether maybe we haven’t given these companies a tad too much power over what we “own.”

The whole thing seems extra pointless since the open beta starts February 1st and there’s a VIP demo a week before that. Being first to stream something clearly not yet ready for prime time doesn’t seem worth the steep cost.

Source: Cheers, Apparition.
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