Skyforge rocks out with the new Soundweaver class in its Distant Frequencies update


Earlier this week,’s free-to-play sci-fi MMO Skyforge released its latest major content update, Distant Frequencies, which introduces the new Soundweaver class and sends players on a new adventure to investigate a mysterious anomaly that could threaten the world of Aelion as we know it.

The star of the update, of course, is the new Soundweaver class, which appears to be a sort of bard taken to its far-futuristic extreme. It wields the power of bumpin’ jams to deal damage to enemies and buff allies, and it can even set up a loudspeaker to “amp up” its ability effects. Right now, the Soundweaver is available only to players who preordered the collector’s edition, but all players will be able to unlock it and rock out next week.

In addition, players have some new content to explore as they “investigate a strange gravitational anomaly that’s threatening everyone in Aelion.” What is this anamoly? Where did it come from? What new gameplay content does it actually provide? The patch notes are mute on all of these questions, but by taking part in “an unprecedented research under Metarchus’ command,” players will hopefully be able to get to the bottom of the mystery and save the world from almost-certain devastation. For the (relatively) full details on the new update, you can check out the official patch notes on Skyforge’s site.


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Nick Smith

This is a really cool idea. I still have a sour taste toward for shutting down Cloud Pirates, and the fact that ive tried Skyforge on 3 seperate occasions and it just doesnt click with me.

But a space bard…. thats cool! 0.o

Kickstarter Donor

Evie, is that you?

Dankey Kang

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this game is boob jiggle.

Well that and the tedious mission system.

James Crow

the mission system its ok, its very liner story untill the end.

than its not diffrent than any other games – exept the part you need to be god if you solo and to be god you need faith :S

Bruno Brito

M e h

A Dad Supreme

I quite enjoyed that. I didn’t think I would, but I did.