Warframe gets into the holiday spirit with greeting card contest and Tennobaum 2018


Tenno, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spread holiday cheer throughout the universe by taking part in Warframe’s holiday greeting card contest. Players who want to participate are asked to make either handmade or digital greeting cards and post them in the official forum thread. The folks at Digital Extremes will judge the entries and select five winners from each category. The first-place entries will receive “top tier prime access,” and the other winners will be rewarded with cold, hard platinum.

Also, in keeping with the holiday spirit, it’s time for Tennobaum 2018, when players can give and receive in-game gifts to earn shiny prizes and contribute to a good cause. Each in-game gift given contributes to the gift-o-meter, and as the meter fills and certain milestones are achieved, players will earn a variety of holiday-themed rewards. But more importantly, at each milestone, Digital Extremes will also make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross. At the time of writing, players have already reached the 150,000-gift milestone, earning the Red Cross a substantial donation of $75,000. If players manage to reach the 300,000-gift milestone by the event’s end on December 21st, Digital Extremes will donate a whopping $100,000 to the charity.

And in less holiday-specific news, the devs have announced that the Mesa Prime warframe will be available starting tomorrow, December 18th. This stylish gunslinger comes armed with the Akjagara Prime dual pistols as well as the “long-awaited” Redeemer Prime gunblade, so whether you want to pew-pew or stabby-stab, Mesa Prime has just the tool for the job. You can check it out, along with the game’s holiday event details, over at Warframe’s official site.

Source: Official Site, 2, Official Forums. Thanks, Sophiskiai and Alex!
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