winter holidays 2018

One Shots: Christmas delivery

We all know that Amazon delivers pretty much everywhere with its crazy two-day shipping, but did you realize that the company could do so...
For me? Or someone.

The Massively Overpowered 2018 winter holiday roundup

It's that time again, the time for a roundup of all the winter holiday events going on in the MMO universe! The nice thing...

The Stream Team: Continuing Krampusnact with Secret World Legends’ latest investigation mission

Last time, Massively OP's MJ only made it through part of Secret World Legends' new Krampusnacht festivities. She had to stop at the really...

Fortnite brings a fortnight of holiday cheer with new event

Step back, twelve days of Christmas -- it's time for the fourteen days of Fortnite, which will kick off in earnest tomorrow, December 19th....

Star Wars Galaxies’ Wookiee Life Day returns on the Legends emu – nobody can sunset the Holiday Special

If for some reason you're angling to check out an MMO holiday inspired by a television special so terrible that George Lucas has spent...

Warframe gets into the holiday spirit with greeting card contest and Tennobaum 2018

Tenno, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spread holiday cheer throughout the universe by taking part in Warframe's holiday greeting...

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland is out, but Blizzard World is struggling

Holiday Blizzard World is live in Overwatch! Oops, nevermind! Well, it was live earlier this week briefly as the Winter Wonderland rolled out to the...

Black Desert’s new Archer and tree decorating events are live as Pearl Abyss sets up shop in California

Hope you got your proto Archer rolled in Black Desert because he's live as of today and you can actually log him in and...

Guild Wars 2’s next living story episode will not make 2018, but Wintersday is live today

If for some reason you still thought there was a chance that ArenaNet could push out Guild Wars 2's next living story episode today...

Dauntless’s Frostfall content update introduces the Hunt Pass, a new behemoth, and new in-game events

The seasonal celebration of Frostfall has arrived in Dauntless, bringing with it a new in-game event, a new behemoth, and the inaugural season of...