Fortnite brings a fortnight of holiday cheer with new event


Step back, twelve days of Christmas — it’s time for the fourteen days of Fortnite, which will kick off in earnest tomorrow, December 19th. Each day of the event will bring with it a new Battle Royale LTM, including a mix of old favorites and fresh new modes. In addition, each day will introduce a new challenge that players can complete to earn “a new free reward.”

Save the World is also getting in on the holiday action “with both returning and new themed enemies” against which players can battle on a new wintry map. Save the World will also introduce daily holiday quests, and players will be able to acquire a free Upgrade Llama from the store each day.

The event also coincides with the release of update V7.10, which brings with it a few weapon tweaks and bug fixes, among other miscellaneous changes. The Heavy Assault Rifle has had its hip-fire effectiveness reduced slightly, though its effectiveness while aiming down the sights remains the same. And good news for the showmen out there — successful Sniper Rifle no-scope kills will now be appropriately noted in the kill feed, so everyone will know just how sick your skills are. For the full details on all the changes and additions made in the update, you can check out the patch notes over at the game’s official site.

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