Star Wars Galaxies’ Wookiee Life Day returns on the Legends emu – nobody can sunset the Holiday Special


If for some reason you’re angling to check out an MMO holiday inspired by a television special so terrible that George Lucas has spent 40 years pretending it doesn’t exist at all, then I have good news for you. Star Wars Galaxies may have sunsetted, but Wookiee Life Day lives on within some of its emulators, including SWG Legends, where it begins tomorrow.

“Wookiee Life Day returns for this holiday season! Celebrations are taking place in Dearic, Wayfar, and the Grotto on Kashyyyk. Be sure to check them out. Top Imperial and Rebel leaders have met and agreed on a temporary halt of arms for the GCW invasion in Dearic, Talus for the duration of the Life Day event. You can expect the invasion to return right after the event ends. The Life Day Tree gifts and badge have been updated for this year. The original Life Day music has been added back. New Life Day items are available for purchase from factional Life Day activity vendors. Life Day Jackets can now be crafted. A mysterious reward is tucked away in a ferocious beast’s white fur on an icy planet. Can your team survive its wrath and claim it?”

Incidentally, tomorrow’s update also adds a new speederbike, new houses, a new vet reward, new storyteller props, new quests. At this point, this thing has more stuff than the real game ever did. Also, crafters rejoice: “All crafting components have had their crate sizes increased. New crates should stack up to 100. Structures Trader components may stack further than that.” I’m actually more excited about this than anything else.

Source: Patch notes. Thanks, Freddy. <3
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