The Daily Grind: What was the most painful MMO sunset of 2018?


I have a feeling I know what the answer to this question is going to be for a lot of folks – WildStar is obviously on some gamers’ minds right now, having just closed down..

But it wasn’t the only MMO to sunset in 2018. We lost RuneScape Classic this year, and Just Survive. Club Penguin is slated for execution. Several MOBAs went dark, including Master X Master and Paragon and Gigantic. LawBreakers, of course, said its last. Trion let Devilian go. And don’t forget Swordsman Online and Jade Dynasty.

What was the most painful MMO sunset of 2018 for you personally?

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Brown Jenkin

Wildstar for me, not because I personally ever got into the game but I think Wildstar was one of the first that really tried to target a niche audience and fell flat on its face. Whatever the reason (there have been several really good analyses/articles on the subject) it is rough to see a game like Wildstar go the way of the do-do.

Mikka Hansen

Uh…none? All the games that shut down were terrible and deserved the axe, WS included

Kickstarter Donor

Wildstar for me. I really did enjoy the game. But they just didn’t do enough of improvement when the game released that I couldnt keep playing

Bruno Brito


I love Wildstar, but i always felt it wasn’t what it should be.

Gigantic tho? It was everything it should be, and it deserved more than what it got.

Why, WHY did that shit needed 6gb just to run?! W H Y

Kickstarter Donor

Wildstar just because it’s the only one of those games I played. I loved the art style and OST, way more than I actually liked playing the game, honestly, although there was fun to be had. It gave me hope they’d do other things with the IP. I feel it will probably just disappear forever instead.


Bless Online.

Oh wait ….

Andy McAdams
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Andy McAdams

Wildstar for me, too. I maintain that it was a wonderful game that just couldn’t get out of its own way long enough to be successful. I took a bunch of screenies.

I’ll miss the humor (though I know it turned a lot of people off, I enjoyed the over-the-top ridiculousness), and the world and a fun, semi-magical sci-fi setting.

Castagere Shaikura

Wildstar for many but Swordsman online was a failure at launch. The reason it lasted as long as it did was PWE doesn’t rush to close down games. The open world PVP killed it right away. And it was really interesting with all the classes and how they played differently. But I will give it to Wildstar.

Kickstarter Donor

I didn’t care about any of the games that sunset in 2018 if im being honest. Never a nice thing for anyone to be made out of work and that was sad, but as far as those games themselves went…meh.

The last one closing that irked was Marvel Heroes Online and that was because it didn’t need to happen it was just Bs company politics relating to the license but that was the end of 2017 not 18.

Oleg Chebeneev

There were other painful sunsets besides Wildstar? o0