Camelot Unchained races to clear out its quest log before 2018 ends


With the winter holiday break coming up for the Camelot Unchained team, its members are working feverishly to get as much done as they can before the year closes. One big project that it’s engaged is launching a standalone building server to allow the team to test building performance without impacting the main testing shard.

Other items in the works are a new user interface for crafting, iterating on siege engines (and yes, you can expect to see more variety with these in the future), adding more particle effects to weapons, laying groundwork for different scenario types, and upgrading animations and characters to a 2.0 version.

Get the full week wrap-up and developer Q&A after the jump!


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Honestly wish I was more involved in the game and feedback then I am, but since testing is all at 3am for me, it’s all kind of taken a back seat. But it sounds like things are going well enough.


I thought the building server tech they were doing was to better integrate building creation+stability+destruction into the live game, and not separating it.

i.e. they’re moving the building code to its own server so that building stability/destruction checks don’t interfere with the second-to-second physics and gameplay of the rest of the world (and not just moving building as a whole to its own separate shard, which would separate builders and combat players onto different ‘worlds’).

Not 100% certain on this, though.


Fun fact of the day: Back in April 2013 when this game was announced you could of bought 2 bitcoins for the $200 founders pack. Current rate per bitcoin = $3,568.55


Trying to wrap it up just in time for their 2022 release date. ;P

Na, in all seriousness, the game’s “Beta” Alpha state is not nearly as testable as an actual Beta would seem. So many missing features, classes, mechanics, and so on that the label of “Alpha” should never have been shed. Maybe once they get in 50% of the classes -including the much touted, anticipated Crafter class- and much more of the world built. Only then can it be called “Beta” where it is more polishing, balancing, and fixing minor to major bugs. Not creating half the game that is still MIA. Sorry, but not sorry. Sort of.


Was in a test this weekend.

It was fucking slick, way better performance and graphics.

But that said, ya, I agree with you.

The features that are there, while improved visually/performance wise, are mostly what was there before beta launched (with building destruction being the obvious exception, they’ve got a first pass in and it’s pretty kickass).

Even with building destruction and better gfx+performance, it still feels pretty close to the alpha.

I’m really hoping they bust open Saturday Night Sieges once they get building destruction hammered down (hoping for sometime in the next 2-3 months to get that ramped up), and that they give us mages and a first round implementation of the Action Interaction Reaction spell system within the next 4-5 months.