Gambling addict successfully petitions Path of Exile to disable lockboxes

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In a year full of Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad news concerning lockboxes in online games, here may be the very first positive story about the topic.

On Reddit, a Path of Exile player named Candence shared a testimony about how she was dealing with her gambling addiction by playing the game instead. This was a great substitution, she said, at least until lockboxes game into the game and started tempting her to buy supporter pack after supporter pack in the hopes of completing gear sets.

But here’s the surprising twist: Recognizing that she was on a self-professed slippery slope that was feeding her addiction, Candence petitioned Path of Exile’s support team to disable the option to purchase these lootboxes entirely (with specific instructions never to lift this restriction). The answer? Yes, it could be done.

“What a relief that is,” she wrote. “Thank you, GGG, for allowing me to enjoy the game without exploiting my brain damage. For anyone else who’s dealing with the same problem, please know that this is an option.”

Source: Reddit. Thanks Scott!
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