Harry Potter: Wizards Unite teases flying broomsticks while Niantic throws a $1M contest


In the first official video since its initial one, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite teased the famous Nimbus 2000 flying broomstick. It looks as though apprehending misbehaving magical devices will be part and parcel of this upcoming game experience.

“Another magical trace has appeared in the Muggle world,” Niantic posted. “Several out-of-control broomsticks were spotted speeding erratically. The Statute of Secrecy Task Force calls on witches and wizards around the world to enlist now and help stop this Calamity.”

Meanwhile, developer Niantic is throwing a contest to challenge third-party developers to build off of the studio’s own “Real World Platform” tech. Niantic is offering over a million dollars for projects that get approved by the company.

Source: Niantic

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The creators of Pokemon GO have the license to do their next AR game – Harry Potter.

edit: sorry this was supposed to be a reply to Toy.

Toy Clown

What is this? I’m intrigued!