Astellia’s Korean beta update adds Avalon battlefield and legendary dungeons


Nexon’s Astellia might not be on your radar as a possible eastern import — but perhaps it should? The hybrid MMO/card game continues to take shape in Korea, where the studio has pushed out a big “pre-season” patch for beta testers there.

Astellia’s update includes the massive battlefield of Avalon, where players have the choice of duking it out in PvP or going on an energy hunt. The community is also welcome to try its hand at the new legendary difficulty dungeons for their increased rewards and evolve their characters with level 50 job evolutions. Nexon also teased the appearance of the Dragon Warrior Ignagon.

Check out our preview of Astellia from November’s G-Star event!

Source: Astellia. Thanks Daniel!

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You lost me at “card game”.

Daniel Miller

Its not really a card game at all. Mote a summoner game. Cards ate summons you call forth to battle with you.